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What are you most passionate about?

For over 40 years, I've been a propmaster. It is a part of storytelling that I love. You become part of the story when you have a good working relationship between the designer and the director. Mad Men was a show where I brought in something and said, "Look at what I found." The writers would then get excited and create something for it. Sometimes there is a lot of creativity involved.

What do people not know about apropmasters?

People don't know that someone is filling their pockets with money you might not see. Don Draper always has a clip and money in his pockets. He also always has a comb in the pocket because he always radiomir replica There are the visible and the invisible. People think it all just exists.

How do you pick the right watch for a movie?

Each character is listed and I then imagine the character's life. Even if they say "I don't need a watch because I have a cell phone", which is more than I like, I will still picture what watch each character would wear.

Jewelry, glasses, and watches are the best way to define who that character is. This is a very important decision that I have to make about the watch my character wears. It all depends on what their job,Fake Cartier watches their income, and what they do in the script. You wouldn't put a gold-plated watch on a rebel who is going into the jungle to fight them. Watches are something I think about first.

Behind the scenes at Martian

What does the right watch do to the character and the movie?

A watch should blend in. It shouldn't be a focal point of the character. The rightwatch tells you who the character is, what they do and where they are headed.

Who has contributed to the creation of the character watch?

It all depends on the actors. Many actors are watch-freaks which is great for me. Some actors care more than others. Directors and showrunners are more knowledgeable about watches than I am.

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